FDA and Medicare Regulation—Their Role And What Will Happen In the Future – Part Two of a Two Part Post

Will the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) be able to optimize patient care with regard to both on-label and off-label drugs? CMS', at this time, has not shown itself to be either in favor or against new technology or the introduction of new uses for drugs. They still seem interested in promoting access [...]

Provenge – The Final Step for Universal Medicaid & Medicare Coverage – Help Us

The battle to make sure that Provenge is available nationally (in the United States) to all men who meet the FDA approval requirements is continuing. We have made great steps through the “noise” that the community has made to date. We have successfully reached, what I believe is, the final step in insuring that Provenge [...]

Bush Admnistration’s Rule Contracts Medicaid

The Bush administration has begun the traditional post election changes of regulations and executive orders that often accompany a change in administrations. On Friday, the president narrowed the scope of services for poor people who rely on Medicaid's outpatient benefits. The administration claimed the purpose of the order was to clarified the definition of outpatient [...]