CVS Removes Xtandi From Its Formulary List – They Will Not Pay!

CVS Health, a major retail pharmaceutical insurer and supplier has raised some consternation and concerns and it should also raise yours. Last Tuesday, CVS rolled out their 2017 formulary list that left off the some of the world’s top-selling drugs including a vital castrate resistant prostate cancer drug. The pharmacy benefits manager removed from their [...]

Have We Reached the Breaking Point with Our Insurance Carriers?

The new federal health care reform’s goal is to create a situation where all Americans will have health insurance, a goal that I support 100%. One of the problems that the regulations actually create is the simple fact they further empower the health insurance companies, not patients. We all have found out that much of [...]

Insurers Test New Cancer Pay Systems- Rationing Care

Today’s New York Times had a most distressing, but not surprising article, written by Reed Abelson, discussing the probable trend we will see in the near future in cancer treatment reimbursements. In a cost cutting experiment, the United Healthcare insurance company (UHC), will be starting a pilot project which entails paying medical oncology practices to [...]

An Interesting Look at the Health Care Insurance Industry

My post of July 9, 2009, "Will Provenge or Any Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer Survive Health Reform?" has caused my mailbox to become full of a number of emails both damming my concern about health care reform and supporting the concern. The negative responses have ranged from calling me selfish to being a tool [...]