Early Chemotherapy for Men Who Are Still Hormone Responsive – For Some It Might Offer Extra Survival

When I was first diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer one of the first questions that I asked my doctor was whether it made sense for me to start chemotherapy immediately. I very clearly remember him telling me that there was absolutely no evidence that starting chemotherapy at this early stage would do anything to extend [...]

Should I Start Chemotherapy While My Advanced Prostate Cancer Is Still Hormone Responsive?

I remember when I was first diagnosed with a prostate cancer recurrence, when I was told that I had advanced prostate cancer. More than any other times that I have been told I have cancer (I have melanoma, thyroid cancer, renal cancer and advanced prostate cancer) I felt the world stopped and my life was [...]

Adding Radiotherapy to ADT Increases Survival for a Man Diagnosed with Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

Men with locally advanced prostate cancer have a better survival chance if they receive radiotherapy along with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). This data was presented at the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2012 conference. Professor Malcom Mason from Whales University discussed a trial he conducted that demonstrated that for a man diagnosed with [...]

Early Versus Delayed Use of Hormone Therapy- An Analysis For Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Initially, when first used by Huggins and Hodges hormone therapy (ADT) was recommended to be used early on in prostate cancer disease progression. Eventually, the Veterans Administration Cooperative Urology Research Group (VACURG) studies reversed this early recommendation. After this study ADT was usually deferred until symptomatic progression. It was believed that ADT caused an alteration [...]

Hormone Therapy Increases Risk of Death in Older Men

A new study links hormone therapy for prostate cancer with a higher risk of death in older men who've had serious heart problems. The side effects of hormone therapy can be significant. They include impotence, bone loss, hot flashes, memory problems, fatigue and an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. In a study appearing [...]