Responding to the Fear of Cancer – Being Honest

Everyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am a passionate advocate for increased funding in the fight against cancer, especially prostate cancer. However, sometimes it is a good idea to push back from the table and evaluate the true nature of a situation. The Harris poll has published a recent survey which concluded [...]


When I think of executive directors of nonprofit organizations I think of my local heroes like Geoffrey Canada, founder of Harlem Children's Zone and Richard Buery founder of Groundwork and current President and CEO of The Children's Aid Society. I don't quite think of me. Those two black men are the epitome of leadership, integrity, [...]

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Should I go on to Hormone Therapy – What about the Risk of Thromboembolic Diseases

(Results from the population-based PCBaSe Sweden) Hormone therapy (ADT) is designed to prevent the manufacturing of testosterone however, testosterone is a very important preventive hormone, especially in the area of heart health. ADT also causes a number of metabolic side-effects including increased body weight, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and hyperglycemia. So, how is the risk of [...]

Hormone Therapy Increases Risk of Death in Older Men

A new study links hormone therapy for prostate cancer with a higher risk of death in older men who've had serious heart problems. The side effects of hormone therapy can be significant. They include impotence, bone loss, hot flashes, memory problems, fatigue and an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. In a study appearing [...]