The Financial Burden of Cancer Has Become A Toxicity Like Hair Loss And Nausea

My good friend and fellow advocate Mike Scott (Prostate Cancer Info Link) introduced me to a new web site produced by the University of Chicago called Cost of Care ( The site is designed around the novel idea that the cost we must pay for our cancer care has become another negative side effect or [...]

FDA and Medicare Regulation—Their Role And What Will Happen In the Future – Part Two of a Two Part Post

Will the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) be able to optimize patient care with regard to both on-label and off-label drugs? CMS', at this time, has not shown itself to be either in favor or against new technology or the introduction of new uses for drugs. They still seem interested in promoting access [...]

More From ASCO – Too Many Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer Do Not Get Required Treatment

Abstract No:101 at the recent ASCO Conference It is sad, but it is true, a subset of men presenting with advanced prostate cancer never receive proper therapy. This can be attributed to a variety of factors including poor functional status, co-morbidities, and patient preference. The researchers sought to determine the prevalence, and characteristics, of this [...]