An Outrage in Leeds England – Prostate Cancer Survivor First Misdiagnosed & Then Stuck With £1,400 Bill For Chemotherapy

A story written by Dominic Horsley and published in the Yorkshire Evening Post claims that in May a 41 year old prostate cancer survivor from Woodlesford was referred to specialists at Leeds St James’s Hospital. He claimed that he had aches in his lower body but says t consultants told him that he was told [...]

Some Good News, The Funding for the DOD Prostate Cancer Program is On Track!

There is some good budgetary news as it now appears that the CDMRP (the Department of Defense) programs, including the Peer Reviewed Prostate Cancer Program, are funded at the omnibus level (last year’s level). The bill has not yet passed and is still vulnerable to changes. As of today, this is how the budget looks: [...]