A Caution About Yesterday’s Post About Combining Treatments with Chemotherapy

My post to this blog that was written yesterday indicated that for certain men the early use of chemotherapy (docetaxil) could provide significant life extending benefits, especially for men with very advanced prostate cancer. For the purpose of clarification, in this case early use means in men who are still hormone responsive. Given that chemotherapy [...]

The Differences in Ketoconazole & Abiraterone (Zytiga)

Zytiga  (abiraterone acetate) and Ketoconazole (keto) are both widely used in prostate cancer therapy to treat men with advanced prostate cancer.   They both have a common mechanism of action, they both work by inhibiting the enzyme CYP17 that is responsible for androgen biosynthesis (creation).  Inhibiting CYP17 lowers testosterone levels, which results in prostate cancer tumor regression. Because [...]