Clinical Trial Results, Both Negative and Positive, Will Now Have To Be Reported In A Timely Manner!

Clinical trials are the main stream of developing and then getting necessary approvals for drugs to be able to make it to market. Drug companies, like every other company and every individual want only to have successes. We all also have egos and when there is a failure we often prefer to bury that information [...]

Understanding Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials – Types and Stages

The decision to enroll in a clinical trial should involve a discussion between the person with prostate cancer and that individual’s physician. Your participation should depend on many factors, including your motivation for enrolling in a trial, the stage of your prostate cancer, and the trials available and its phase. When you decide to enroll in a clinical [...]

A New Model To Fight Prostate Cancer Coming In New Zealand & Australia

It has been announced that two important players in the fight against prostate cancer in New Zealand and Australia, ANZUP Cancer Trials Group (ANZUP) and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) will work together to fund and implement new clinical trials. ANZUP, which is one of the leading collaborative trials group for urogenital and [...]

Doing Away with Some of the Myths Surrounding Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are vital if we expect to continue to see improvements in the treatments and medications that are available.  Unfortunately, there are some historical abuses in clinical trials so many people do approach them with a level of distrust.  In contemporary times the clinical trial system has many safeguards that did not exist even [...]

How Long Should We Follow-Up Clinical Trial Subjects – Maybe For The Rest Of Their Life

So, you are a hero and have decided to participate in a clinical trial. We all are deeply in your debt, so I want to start out and extend to you a very big thank you. Making that decision to participate in a clinical trial isn’t an easy decision for anyone. Participating in a trial [...]

Understanding the Current Complications In Conducting Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

There are many trials and tribulations facing new drug approvals for men with prostate cancer. This is particularly true for men the drugs that are designed to fight metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) because of the many new treatments, all with life extending ability,  that we now have available to use. The good news is [...]

A Surprise About Minority and Majority Attitudes Regarding Clinical Trials and Its Relationship to Prostate Cancer Survivors Willingness to Participate in Clinical Trials

It is commonly known that our current clinical trials struggle to enroll adequate numbers of minority men. Our inability to enroll a cross section of men that truly reflects the general population in prostate cancer clinical trials means that our results might not accurately reflect the best information for a minority man. The lack of [...]

Detecting Prostate Cancer Cells in Blood Can Give An Early Warning of Treatment Failure and Shorten Clinical Trials

There is more evidence that the blood test used to count the number of cells circulating in the blood and shed from prostate tumors (circulating tumor cells or CTCs) can indicate whether a treatment is working or not working. A major new study showed that the number of these circulating tumor cells in the blood [...]

US Government Begins to Crack Down on Clinical Trials Reporting

Yes, it is true, many clinical trial results are not published, especially negative results. This is even true for FDA approved drugs and treatments! Failing to publish, or actually hiding negative results and harmful side effects that occur in clinical trials is too common and jeopardizes each and everyone of us, including survivors of advanced [...]

A New Phase III Trial of ODM-201 for Men with Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer without Visible Metastases

Bayer HealthCare and Orion Corporation (a Finnish pharmaceutical company) have announced that they have begun enrollment in a randomized Phase III clinical trial of a new investigational treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. ODM-201 is a novel, oral androgen receptor inhibitor. The trial named ARAMIS trial is a randomized, Phase III, multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled [...]

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