Chemo-Brain and ADT for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Does It Exist?

When I went on my first round of hormone therapy (ADT) I experienced severe cognitive side effects. I found it impossible to concentrate, read and remember anything. I lost the ability to navigate the New York City subways no less drive my car to a destination. Occasionally, when I was attempting to navigate the subway [...]

Dealing With and Beating Chemobrain – For Men Fighting Advanced Prostate Cancer

It is very common, men with advanced prostate cancer find that they are subject to confusion and memory loss; they experience a general dumbing down of their brain facilities. The most common culprits causing this are hormone therapy (ADT) and chemotherapy treatments. At this time we don’t have any great magic bullets to treat this [...]

Chemo Brain – Yes, Prostate Cancer Survivors Do Suffer From It

Today’s New York Times has published another of its fantastic articles about cancer and coping with cancer. Today’s article, written by Jane Brody, discusses chemo brain. Until a short time ago, many doctors denied that it even existed, but today it is pretty much accepted as being real. One is said to suffer from chemo [...]