The Debate Continues, Is IAD or CAD Superior for the Treatment of Men with Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer?

A new randomized study (FinnProstate Study VII) on the merits of intermittent androgen deprivation (IAD) compared to continuous androgen therapy (CAD) contradicts the recent revelations from the last ASCO presentation (Hussain where the clear conclusion was that CAD was superior to IAD. At the ASCO conference Dr. Hussain’s study concluded that IAD was significantly [...]

Comparing Intermittent To Continuous Androgen Deprivation For Advanced Prostate Cancer

A recent Finnish study released interim results comparing intermittent androgen deprivation (IAD) to continuous androgen deprivation (CAD) in 856 men. All the men had locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer and they all were treated at 27 clinics in Finland. The period of study was between 1997 and 2003 and all men were required to [...]

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