On The Horizon – A Status Report of Six New Promising Advancing Treatments for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer as of the Beginning of June, 2010

As of today there are many different potential drugs undergoing phase III evaluations for men with advanced prostate cancer, some of them seem to offer great hope and promise. Considering we just had Provenge finally approved, this is great news. […]

On The Horizon – Cabazitaxel Extends Life After Chemotherapy Failure

The drug is called Cabazitaxel, (it will be named Jevtana) and is made by the French company Sanofi-Aventis SA. Cabazitaxel is a chemical cousin of Taxotere (the current standard of care) and it is designed to evade the mechanism that cancer cells use to resist Taxotere, so we can assume that initially it would be [...]