When Men Get Breast Cancer

Today’s New York Times Science Times section had a very interesting article written by Tara Parker-Poe about Male breast cancer.  As her opening line of the article went, “Breast cancer is not always pink.” She wrote about a photography series recently mounted that feature the faces and scars of men with breast cancer.    The photos [...]

61 Years Young & 67 Years Old – One We keep and the Other Is To Be Discarded!

We are now around half way through the month of October, I am sorry breast cancer awareness month, I keep forgetting!  How can I forget with that pink ribbon on everything I buy at the supermarket and after watching the manliest of men, football players, dancing around with pink sneakers. So, why is breast cancer [...]

Androgen Receptor Genes Have An Opposite Effect In Prostate & Breast Cancers

A study at The Cleveland Clinic has discovered that a gene – known as an androgen receptor (AR) is present in both breast and prostate cancers, but the gene has opposite effects on these diseases. The AR gene promotes prostate cancer when the gene is “turned on,” but in breast cancer the AR gene promotes [...]

Decreased Prostate Cancer-Specific Survival of Men with BRCA2 Mutations and for Men from Breast Cancer Families

It is fairly common practice for those diagnosed with breast cancer to have genetic testing. Genetic testing is almost unheard of when men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Current research shows that genetic testing for men with prostate cancer could provide important information about both potential treatment efficacy and prognosis. A recent look at the [...]

Shunned By Hillary

If you don't have breast cancer you are being ignored, no actually moderate out of existence by the Hillary for President Campaign. On April 8th, I wrote about Hillary's fantastic plans for funding increases for breast cancer. In my post I pointed out that all other American cancer survivors (there are millions of us) seem [...]

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