Should Bisphosphonates Use Be Limited- An FDA Panel Waffles on Limiting Duration

A recent meeting of an FDA advisory committee has asked wants the FDA to limit the duration of bisphosphonate therapy for treatment of osteoporosis, but the committee could not agree on a time limit to recommend. […]

Should Men on ADT Take Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation?

As usual with prostate cancer there is no general agreement about whether or not men who are on a hormone blockade (ADT) to treat prostate cancer should be taking calcium and vitamin D supplements, however there does seem to be some consensus that they should. Given that there are geographic and seasonal variations in vitamin [...]

Zoledronic Acid Also Induces Cell Death in Human Prostate Cancer Cells

Bisphosphonates, specifically Zometa, is commonly used in the treatment of men with advanced prostate cancer. Zometa is used to treat and protect bones from developing fractures. Bisphosphonates are potent inhibitors of bone resorption. Additionally, in vitro studies show that zolendronic acid also inhibits prostate cancer cell growth by activating apoptosis (A form of cell death [...]

FDA Questions Denosumab Safety in Advisory Meeting Documents

Just revealed in briefing documents which were released in advance of a scheduled Thursday meeting of the FDA’s Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs, which will be considering whether to recommend denosumab for approval, are significant concerns that denosumab, the investigational biologic drug for osteoporosis, may increase risk of serious infections through its activity against [...]

Do Bisophosphonates Cause Bone Fractures?

Oh no, another not so very clear issue for men with prostate cancer has emerged! According to an article written by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times, bisphosphonates (i.e. Fosamax), has been reported, in some rare occasions, to actually cause weaker bones that lead to an unusual type of fracture of the femur. Bisphosphonates [...]

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