The Eighth Birthday of the Fatherdad Blog

On this day eight years ago I made my first post on That was the first ever post by a black "daddy blogger." I searched high and low for one before I determined that I was it. I think that post is a hilariously bad and somewhat profound (and very much unnoticed) internet milestone. [...]

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years ago today my boy was born buck naked into the world all smushy faced and pale. Now he's round faced and brown-skinned just like dear old dad. He's still naked for some reason too. The kid is obsessed with streaking. He likes to stand around and chat the most when his booty out. We [...]

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Dev following me into the bathroom... "Hey Daddy, before you close the door I want to ask you something." "Sure, what is it?" "When are we going to start building?" he asked, referring to us tackling one of his massive 936-piece Lego sets that he got for his birthday. (I haven't been feeling well so [...]