When I opened my computer this afternoon I checked the Malecare prostate cancer crowd-funding site to see how things were going. To my great pleasure I discovered that Start A Cure (www.StartACure.org) had achieved it first funding success!

Sometime in the early afternoon some very kind individual made the pledge that completed the funding goal of one of our projects from Johns Hopkins University. The project, which is now funded will be conducted by Channing Judith Paller, M.D., Ph.D. It will analyze the stories of both black and white men first diagnosed with advanced disease. They will analyze the care leading up to their late diagnoses. The aim is to identify modifiable factors that may have contributed to missed or late diagnoses. What went wrong for each man individually? What patterns can be observed across the group?

The ultimate aim of this project is to target interventions to improve earlier detection of prostate cancer, reduce racial disparities, and save the lives of men whose cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed earlier.

Even though Dr. Paller’s research has now been completely funded, if