Relaxation and Visualisation For Prostate Cancer

Simple breathing and relaxation self-help exercises are very helpful for a variety of conditions, from migraine and high blood pressure to cancer. Almost everyone can learn the techniques and they can offer an immediate and, at times, quite dramatic reduction in the effects of anxiety and muscle tension. Many people with cancer, and indeed many of their relatives, can be helped to relax and experience a sense of calmness if taught these simple methods.

Visualisation (mental imagery) is a technique that involves the use of imagination while you are in a state of relaxation or meditation. For example, you might imagine that you are approaching a beautiful blue waterfall as in the example below. The theory is that by imagining a peaceful scene you will encourage yourself to feel more relaxed. It has been suggested that you can stimulate the immune system to affect the growth of the cancer. Some studies have shown that focusing on feeling better and stronger can reduce the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment for some people.

Here is an example of a visualisation that you can try.

Imagine that you are approaching a beautiful waterfall that is cascading gently into a shallow, placid lake. You get closer to this deep healing blue, the perfect iridescent blue of the rainbow, full of light and colour. You wade into the soft warm pool of water until you are directly beneath the flow of this gentle waterfall. Feel how soft and cool and healing this beautiful blue water is as it pours over your body, soothing and nourishing every part of you, washing away all your tiredness, all your fears.

Feel each and every drop as it begins to penetrate through the top of your head. Guide it down, down, down until it reaches your heart healing and comforting it. Feel this cool, healing blue water as it enters your bloodstream, pumped through each cell in your body, cleansing, calming, cooling and balancing every cell, every nerve, every fibre of your body.

Feel as it is flowing through you now….through your shoulders, down your arms to your fingertips, back up to your elbows, back to your chest, into your lungs, into your heart.

This cool, blue healing light and water is now flowing down through your stomach, cooling and restoring all of the organs in your abdomen, your digestive system, down through your hips, your thighs, your knees, your calves, your ankles and your toes.

Now you see this blue light penetrating each and every cell of your body. Feel as it is cleansing and refreshing every cell…healing every cell…making each one well, healthy and whole, well, healthy and whole. Complete.

You are now one with the placid lake. You are as placid, calm and peaceful as the lake. Allow the healing to flow through you. Allow yourself to be calm, cool, blue drop in the placid lake.

You are one with the lake, you are well, healthy, whole and complete. You are one with the lake, flowing down, cleansing every cell…see every cell as new, healthy, well and whole.

Each and every time that you listen to these words it will reinforce the healing.