Take a look at the page, Questions to ask your Surgeon, and add the following to your consult with your radiologist.

1 Why is radiation a good choice for me?

2 What does radiation do to my cancer cells?

3 Will radiation cause other cancers in me?

4 What kind of radiation treatment do you suggest?

5 What about the other kinds of treatments, IMRT, High Dose Rate Therapy, or brachytherapy?

6 What does of radiation will you be using and how/why did you select that dose and rate?  Might a higher dose delivered over a shorter period of time be just as effective?

7 How often will I need to come into the hospital?

8 What kind of side effects will I experience during the treatment?  Fatigue, etc

9 What should I do about my diet while undergoing treatment?

10 How does the size of my prostate affect radiation treatment?

11 Since you are not removing my prostate, how will we know the true extent of my cancer?