Quality of Death

//Quality of Death

Quality of Death.  A new term we are introducing to the prostate cancer discussion.  Will I die in pain, agony or in some semblance of peace?   Do I want to be stupefied by opioids during my last days, hours and minutes?  Do I want to enter a coma like state? 

Would I like to die with a smile on my face?  Will I die knowing I am bound for another type of existence?  Will I go back to the sleep like state I had before I was born?

How does prostate cancer treatment influence quality of death?  Please post your thoughts, below.

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  1. Charles Crider May 13, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    My initial thought was quality of life is more important than quality of death because hopefully the life process lasts longer than the death process. But, on further thought I believe the death process is the part of the life process that culminates in death, i.e., the end of life as we know it. So, I think quality of death is equally important with quality of life because it is part of life.

    It is probably safe to assume no one wants to suffer pain and agony in the death process. I know I don’t. When quality of has deteriorated to the point that one is ready to die, I assume most people would like death to come quickly and painlessly. I know I would. Deciding when one is ready to die is a deeply personal decision only each of us, individually, can make. Hopefully when that decision is made, medicine can provide the method for death to come quickly and painlessly, and the law will allow it.

    Some kind of existence or afterlife? Who can say? I know I can’t. The future is a mystery filled with unlimited possibilities! Believe what you will!

    I am fond of saying that you are born, you live, you love, you laugh, you cry, and then you die. Along the way it is important to grab all of the gusto you can.

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