New Prostate Cancer Tests

Spetember 12, 2013



Darryl Mitteldorf

Dr. Daniel Lieber

Dr. Steve Hershman

Joel Nowak





D. Mitteldorf              Hello and welcome.  This is Darryl Mitteldorf.  I’m Executive Director of Malecare Cancer Support, the organization that was founded in 1997 and has grown to be our nation’s largest men’s cancer support and survivor national nonprofit organization.  Tonight is our September 2013 teleconference, another in our monthly series of teleconferences on information by and for prostate cancer survivors, and tonight will be about genomics and the new world of testing that’s available to prostate cancer survivors.


We have 887 people listening in.  Welcome to you all.  There’ll probably be many, many more of you listening to the online archive of this broadcast, as well as reading the transcript.  Welcome to you.


Tonight we’re joined by Dr. Daniel Lieber and Dr. Steve Hershman.  Both Dr. Lieber and Dr. Hershman are PhD graduates of Harvard University System Biology program, which they’ll describe more about their studies.  Between the two of them, they have about a decade of experience analyzing genomic data and have expressed personal and professional interest in working with our prostate cancer survivor community.


Tonight’s teleconference will be moderated by Joel Nowak, who many of you have heard before on previous teleconferences.  Joel is a social worker and Director of Malecare’s Advanced Stage Disease program and also our Advocacy program.


Gentlemen, the show is yours.


J. Nowak                     Thank you so much, Darryl.  I’d like to welcome everybody, and also I join Darryl in saying how excited I am that we have both Dr. Lieber and Dr. Hershman with us tonight.  Just very simply I want to just jump into the topic.

The first thing I would like to talk about is that we certainly hear a lot about genetics and its role in cancer in the