I am a 55 year old who just a little over two years ago was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have had my prostate removed and have had a clean bill of health since. However, since my diagnosis I have lost my dad to cancer and my brother is in the fight of his life battling this terrible disease. Please help promote cancer awareness.


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago. There is so much confusing information out there for prostate cancer patients. i was fortunate to find Malecare, a prostate cancer support group and have educated myself. I am currently on Active Surveillance. We need the White House support to help educate men about this disease.


My father died due to prostate cancer, I am survivor myself, and have had many people seek my counsel after they received a negative PSA result. And for the most part these men know NOTHING about prostate cancer, that is until it hits them smack in the face. What really troubles me is the number of men who simply have bad information about prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer can be detected early, it can be treated, and as a survivor and recent Iron Man Triathlon competitor, let me you tell you can lead a full and interesting life in spite of prostate cancer.
I had prostate cancer surgery last March. This was a life saver not just for me but my whole Family — wife and kids with grandchildren. I would like you to light the White House in Blue


This disease has been life-changing. I had a robotic radical prostatectomy in June 2009 at the age of 61 removing the cancer but also leaving me with stress incontinence and ED issues. Even though I use the ED drugs because of Medical necessity to maintain good blood flow, my insurance coverage does not cover the cost. I was staged T3a so I will have to remain diligent in getting continued PSA tests done every 6 months for at least 5-10 years.


Diagnosed in 2002 and have been fighting systemic disease ever since. Prostate cancer research is underfunded compared to other cancers, and since 1/6 males get it in their prime and all males get it if they live long enough, it is a drain on the health care system. BTW death by PC is not fun!!! Do a little research on incidence in the Afro-American community and you might be surprised.


I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2003 and “”successfully”” treated thanks to the caring healthcare professionals I worked with. My brother was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2010 and has been treated (successfully so far) by his healthcare providers. But there is much more work to be done finding better diagnostic tools, treatments, and support systems! In the face of budget cuts in the government I hope that Congress and your Administration have the vision to continue funding cutting-edge research in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of Cancer including Prostate Cancer. We Believe in You to make a Change!”


Husband diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer 11 years ago – still here because of our advocacy and involvement. There is a genetic connection between breast cancer and prostate cancer. I’d like to see an awareness connection by LIGHTING THE WHITE HOUSE BLUE.


The cancer victims who receive the greatest notoriety are women with breast cancer. This is not meant to belittle them or their disease. But men have an equally important disease that affects them, but despite their cries for attention, theirs is weak by comparison. We are trying our best, but the fight is slow. This small gesture from you would be huge for our cause, it would also create an impetus for many who seem to feel that our efforts are being met with despair.


On October 25, 2010 I underwent a surgery for prostate Cancer … I made sure that I got tested each year for prostate cancer because of a very poor family history of the disease… As a result the cancer was detected early and I am cured  … I want the tell all men to get tested for this Cancer so they do not Die from it … Please help by coloring the White House Blue to raise Awareness for man


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, with a small tumor in my gland.  I had seed implant done, my life as a man has changed a lot. Sometimes I can accept the changes and other times I can’t.