2021 Prostate Cancer Patient Conference Presentation Replays

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Matt Neilsen, MD University of North Carolina Medical School
Helping Prostate Cancer Patients in 2022

Donald Abrams, MD UCSF Medical Center,
Integrative and Alternative Medicine/Therapies for Prostate Cancer

Veronica Ajewole, PharmD Texas Southern University,
Disparities in clinical trials and Chemotherapy for African American

Jorge Armanet Founder, HealthUnlocked
Malecare and Healthunlocked – Communities as Patient Self-care

Andrew Armstrong, MD Duke Cancer Center
Liquid Biopsies

Andrew Armstrong, MD Duke Cancer Center
How to Engage Your Prostate Cancer Medical Oncologist

Donna Berry, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin School of Nursing
Shared decision making

Jeremie Calais, MD UCLA Medical Center,
FAPI theranostics for prostate cancer

Atish Choudhury, MD Dana-Farber Cancer Center,
Molecular Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer

Melissa Cunningham, PhD CDMRP
The Kinds of Prostate Cancer Research the USA is Funding

Leigh Ellis, PhD Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
How Prostate Cancer Kills Patients. 

Daniel George, MD Duke Cancer Center
Treating Advanced Stage Prostate Cancer Patients 

Andrei Iagaru, MD Stanford University Hospital
PSMA and radioindicators beyond PSMA

Kamyar Ghabili, MD Yale
History of Prostate Cancer treatments

David Jarrard, MD University of Wisconsin Medical Center
Treating Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Skyler Johnson, MD University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute,
Avoiding Internet Misinformation

Dong-Woo Kang, PhD Harvard University
Should Exercise be Prescribed for Prostate Cancer

Amar Kishan, MD UCLA Medical Center,
SBRT monotherapy treatment for high-risk patients and for recurrent patients

Trudy Hannington
Sex Therapy and Prostate Cancer

Tobias Kohler, MD Mayo Clinic
Restoring Sexual Function

Ben Ristau, MD University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Transperinial versus Transrectal Biopsies

Angela Smith, MD University of North Carolina Cancer Center
Can You Get Bladder Cancer After Prostate Cancer?

Carla Tardif CEO, Family Reach, Inc.
How do I pay for food after I’ve paid for medicine

Hein Van Poppel, MD, PhD EAU Adjunct Secretary General for Education
Is there an Urgent Need to Detect Prostate Cancer Earlier?

David VanderWeele MD, PhD Northwestern University Medical School
Risks of early ADT in men with  biochemically recurrent prostate cancer

Randy Vince, Jr. MD University of Michigan Medical Center
Racism and Prostate Cancer

Bill West, PhD University of Minnesota
How Gay Men Speak about Prostate Cancer

Hans Westgeest, MD Amphia Hospital, Breda, the Netherlands
Real World Evidence versus Clinical Trial Evidence

Donna Wilson, RN Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Exercise for Prostate Cancer

Kerri Winters-Stone PhD Knight Cancer Institute
Advanced Stage PCa and Resistance Training

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