In an article in Time (3/7 Sweetland Edwards) there is a discussion about the failure of the Affordable Care Act to stop patients from receiving “surprise” bills from their medical providers for services provided. These surprises result from people going to a medical facility, which is in their Network but having some service, provided by an individual provider who is outside their network. This type of problem often results from the use of out of network labs and anesthesiologists who just show up and provide a service without the informed consent of the patient and the knowledge of the patient.

Not only do patients receive unexpected bills, there are not controls on what is charged!

Another article appearing in the Washington Post (3/7) reports about the over powerful U.S. Preventive Task Force (USPTF) has become very controversial. They point out that this group of 16 physicians has become too influential in determining clinical practice and insurance reimbursement. The article also mentioned that many of their recent prevent medicine recommendations, especiall