On Saturday, September 8th, PHEN launched its national “Rally Against Prostate Cancer” in Boston. The National African American RV Association (NAARVA) is partnering with PHEN across the country for the rally. In Boston the Mattapan Community Health Center’s (MCHC) “11th Annual Health Care Revival” was the main venue for the rally.

Dr. Azzie Young, MCHC president, was excited to have the rally help address the high prostate cancer death rate in Boston’s Mattapan community. Dr. Judith Bigby, Massachusetts Secretary for Health and Human Services, participated in the rally and spoke at the health care revival about the African American prostate cancer crisis and the need for increased education and awareness outreach.

Four RV’s participated in the rally and paraded through the streets to raise visibility for prostate health awareness. The RV caravan traveled to the health care revival where education outreach and prostate cancer screening took place. Free screenings were provided by the Boston Medical Center at the revival site and at the Franklin Park Zoo kick-off site by the Dana-Farber Cancer Center.

Members of the PHEN survivor network and their wives served as the resource team for education outreach and supported the screening activities.

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