Mayan Prophecy

//Mayan Prophecy

I’ve been thinking lately about the Mayan Prophecy (the world ending on 12/21/12). Apparently a lot of people believe that this end of days might actually be a global re-alignment in thought… whereas we have a whole world that is dominated by patriarchal masculine attitudes and behaviors, even in women, there might be a re-introduction of the feminine divine… where our collective thoughts are more balanced towards nurturing, compassion, and respect vs. well… domineering self-interested BS and the unhealthy variety of competitive attitudes that are born and fostered from that. Wouldn’t that be an interesting time? People making decisions and doing things more consciously in the interest of helping his or her fellow man/woman… might solve issues with healthcare… education… and I’m sure any number of humanitarian causes and interests. Sigh – time to wake up! Whatever that means…

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