Is Jevtana used by anyone? Anyone at all? What is your quality of life “if” you are using Jevtana?

//Is Jevtana used by anyone? Anyone at all? What is your quality of life “if” you are using Jevtana?

We’re wondering if anyone is using Jevtana as a treatment for advanced stage prostate cancer.  We’re wondering what Jevtana’s quality of  life impact is on patients. Please email me at if you are using it …. do tell us what your Jevtana experience is like.

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  1. jack July 2, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    I am on jevtana, I was first on taxotere, then it stopped being effective, now I am taking my thirteenth round of chemo on Monday
    its like the sixth round of jevtana for me, so quality of life huh.
    I have two good weeks a month and two sick weeks a month, so I am sick half the time, the week following chemo is the worst
    most important is to take a laxative and make sure you go poop every day, then do all the rest of the suggested support treatments pain pills etc…
    you can still enjoy life, don’t give up keep fighting,

  2. Stephan Beaulieu August 29, 2017 at 11:50 am

    After failing taxotere, and abiraterone, which is part or a two arm study, I was switch to cabazitaxel (Jevtana). I had 6 cycles now of Jevtana, and results show no progression at best, but PSA still lurking in the 600-700 range. QOL is tolerable; fatigue in the first week, no major gastro-intestinal changes, big decline in red blood cells and hemoglobin with each infusion, which has greatly impacted my QOL since I like to stay very active, lots of fatigue and shortness of breath, got 1 PRBC transfusion a couple of weeks ago which helped a lot. No hair loss as much as I can notice. This is pretty much what would sum up at this point the effect of Jevtana on my body and consequently my quality of life.

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