What clothing is most comfortable for coming home from the hospital and allows for easy access to the catheter bag while wearing and for sleep?

The basketball sweatpants with the fully zippered open leg style are the best. They wrap on instead of having to raise each leg to get into them while wearing the catheter.

Anything loose is OK. We took a couple of pairs of PJ bottoms and slit them down the side and put snaps in place. This allows you to take them on and off without dropping the catheter bag through the leg. You need to ask the Dr. what side he or she is going to glue the catheter anchor to. Mine was on the right side but I’ve met some guys who had theirs on the left.

Get some sweat pants (just 1-2 pair) and a few boxers one waist size up from what he normally wears. The boxers are easier to manage the catheter with rather than briefs. He will have abdominal swelling/distension but this usually will quickly subside.

We bought one pair of adjustable waist khaki slacks as he hated the sweat pants and couldn’t wear them to work. By 4 weeks he was down to his regular clothes again.

The incision is tender when you go home and you will need loose fitting pants. I think an elastic waist band with a tie string is best. Loose legs with no elastic at the bottom help by letting you pull up the leg to drain the Foley catheter bag while that is in place. It is about knee high and easy to stand by the toilet and drain.

Extra large sweats were perfect and boxer shorts are helpful too.

As for clothing, I bought myself a new terrycloth robe, slippers, a couple of pairs of loose fitting sweat pants, some t-shirts and a couple of packs of close-fitting briefs. The briefs will be especially important once the catheter is out, both to provide support as well as a good perch for pads, if necessary.

Several changes of pj’s, as the Vicodin post op can make you feel sweaty.

Sweats are fine for coming home from the hospital.

I found the snug jockey shorts were more comfortable than the boxers while I was wearing the catheter, for me keeping the tubing from moving around, especially while walking, was better.

I had a long, elastic bandage, about 8 inches wide, that I wrapped around my lower ab at times, just seemed to restrict movement a little and made