This month has been very tough for the prostate cancer community. Earlier, prostate cancer took from us John Arnold who was both a consummate educator about prostate cancer and now it has taken another prostate cancer fighter, Fred Gersh.

Fred passed away in the morning of April 6 after having been hospitalized for about 2 ½ weeks. He left the hospital on Tuesday (April 3) and entered hospice care. Fred battled prostate cancer for an amazing 23 years.

My first association with Fred was when I met him at the FDA review of Provenge. We both were there to provide testimony in support of its approval. After this initial meeting, Fred and I struggled together making sure that prostate cancer was given adequate concern in another organization we both participated in, One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC).

I spoke with Fred on a regular basis plotting our next campaign.

Fred had served as an active group leader and many other leadership positions promoting education, political advocacy, and awareness of prostate cancer.

Not only will I miss him, but our entire community has also been diminished by his loss.