It’s time to be a little silly for a change. 

North Carolina has been in the news a lot because of the Democratic primary that’s being held their today.  The good thing about following the presidential campaign is that I’ve learned so much about states I’ve never been to.  North Carolina sounds like a dreamy place to live.  Except for this factoid: Greensboro, N.C. has been designated the “most impotent city in the US” by a men’s magazine.   

Can you just imagine the pundits crunching the numbers about the “impotence vote”?  For example, do impotent people vote as a bloc?  How can a candidate capture this all-important segment of the population?  One thing would be to offer free Viagra and to mandate insurance coverage for ED drugs to all Americans.

My guess is that the impotence vote will go for Hillary.  That’s because she was praised at a steelworkers rally this week for her “testicular fortitude”.  Whatever you think of the lady, I’ll give her that. 

Now for the details of the story:

Men’s Health magazine has ranked U.S. cities according to their impotence rates using one criterion: how many ED drugs are sold in that particular city?  In this survey, the “limpest” city award goes to Greensboro, N.C. and the top prize to San Francisco, C.A.  If you want to have fun, you might just want to “Go west, young man”.  (Would  you believe that I read another study some months ago which said the impotence rates are highest in California?  That’s because that study used a different measure:  they looked at how many men had gone to therapists seeking help for ED.  So don’t anybody get insulted too quick.  You can cook the numbers anyway you want.)

But there is a serious message in this article.  It states that smoking and obesity can cause (or aggravate) ED.  I was not aware that obesity raises the risk of impotence by 79 percent!  So many