“Eliot Spitzer is a bad man.” That’s what Dev told to us in the car today. His words are proof that EVERYONE knows what has gone down in the Empire State.

The gone New York governor spoke at my college graduation before he became governor and at the time the dude had swagger. You could tell that he was on the campaign trail even then. Now he has fallen off. Hard. I’m not the moral authority here and I have never seen it as my place to judge any man so I wish him and his family well during their healing process. At the end of the day he is a dad after all.

The fact is that I don’t give a rats butt that he’s out. I voted for him, but he ran virtually unopposed. It was a foregone conclusion that he’d be the next governor, an idea that was even accepted by Republicans. Spitzer held the highest office in the state for a little more than a year, and while we knew him as Attorney General, we never quite got to know him in his most recent role. Had it been George Pataki, the three term governor prior to Spitzer, this nonsense would have been notable.

As a result of Spitzer’s magnificent demise history is being made. Of course his caption in the big book will read “hot mess,” that’s a given. However, the real history that’s unfolding is that the first black governor of NY is being sworn in on Monday, and he is also legally blind. A black, blind governor! Now that’s something. I wish Mr. Paterson luck and much success in his new role.

If one thing deeply bothers me about what’s gone down, it’s Ashley Dupre (aka Kristen). This 22 year old is going to get paid off of getting paid for having relations with a powerful man. This is not the message we should be sending to our youth, especially our girls, about what is valued in our society. After watching the media coverage of Ashley, how many young im