Dr. Moyad has been the driving force behind getting the Early Access Program for drugs to treat advanced prostate cancer.  Along with the Early Access Committee he has arranged for an early access (before the formal approval from the FDA) for both Zytiga and now MDV3100.  (you can read about the programs including how to participate in the current MDV3100 trial on this blog.

Dr. Moyad is scheduled to meet with some of the drug companies and has asked for a few short e-mails from some men or their caregivers who have participated in the trials. Specifically describing how they benefited and of course if you are appreciative of the opportunity.  

A few short emails will support the Earl Access Committee and the doctor in insuring that these programs continue and that we are able to get the support forearly access in the future for the next round of drugs.

Please email your responses at:  Joel@malecare.org