I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mine was fine until Devin started to play doctor. (For those of you that don’t know my son wants to be a bus driver, doctor, and teacher – in that order – when he grows up.) First he checked in my mouth and chuckled as he looked at all the hardware that I’ve amassed over the years. Then he looked in my ears, which to his annoyance were clean. Finally he wanted to have a look at the ol’ bod. To do this he “found” my flashlight under the sofa and pointed the slowly dying beam of light down my shirt through the neck hole. Devin then peeked in to see what his light revealed. His assessment was “Daddy, your body doesn’t look so good.” At the time I laughed. Now I’m not sure that it was funny.

Yesterday I was hanging with a bunch of other dads for a film project that we had volunteered to take part in. We were talking and laughing about fatherhood and ridiculing the dad that was only two weeks into his tenure when the producer asked us our ages. I proudly stated mine knowing that I’d be the youngest father of the bunch. The surprising response I got from one of the guys was “Wow! And you look older than all of us!” Then everyone started cosigning. The oldest guy there was 41 and he was complemented on how young he looked. I was already feeling old because earlier my wife and I had gone through old pre-Devin vacation photos. That comment pretty much ruined my day (OK not really but it did stick with me). I think I need to exfoliate.