People treat their diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer and what they view as their prognosis in many different ways. We all know that prostate cancer, especially advanced prostate cancer, is a life changing experience.

In my travels and in my own personal experience, I have seen dramatic changes in life-style, attitude and emotions. I have seen some men be “thankful” for prostate cancer, as a “wake up” call to life. Others of us withdraw in solitude and self-pity. Some turn to prayer, others to stronger family ties…, booze, or over-indulgences in readily available pain and psychiatric medications.

If you find the answer that works for you go with it. Bottle it up and sell it on E-Bay, or better yet, share it with all of us who are struggling. In the meantime, hang in there and try to be positive.

This crap of a beast should not control our lives. Advanced prostate cancer is “terminal”, but the survival statistics are one hell of a lot better today than just a few years ago. Today, advanced prostate cancer may even be “chronic”, instead of “terminal”. We only know that tomorrow will be better than today. All that we have to do is make it to tomorrow.

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW