Social Security Disability Insurance and Prostate Cancer

Men who have been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and as a result are unable to work may be able to qualify for social security disability benefits.  Under the current regulations any man who is metastatic, has late stage, and/or terminal prostate cancer should automatically meet the SSA’s eligibility requirements for disability benefits. If you [...]

Good News, The House Appropriations Committee Increases the Ask For The DoD PCRP Allocation for FY 2017

Today, I have some good news to share with you. Malecare, along with many other prostate cancer advocacy groups have been hard at work attempting to persuade members of Congress to not only maintain the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program (DoD PCRP), but to increase its funding for the next fiscal year. I [...]

Prostate Cancer drugs cost more in the USA than in other countries.

The cost of Enzalutamide (Xtandi) in the United States is being challenged by Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), a public interest advocacy group.  The average US wholesale price of Xtandi in 2015 was $88 per capsule.   That can add up to $129,000 annual cost per man. There are significant issues related to high costs of treatment. [...]

Happy DNA Day!

Happy DNA Day! First celebrated in 2003 by proclamation of the Senate and the House of Representatives, the holiday commemorates the day James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin first published their papers on the structure of DNA. The reason for the proclamation In 2003 it was announced that the Human Genome Project [...]

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UPDATE: Malecare Advocacy Restores CDC Prostate Cancer Funding

UPDATE June 9, 2016 The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to approve its FY17 Labor-HHS Appropriations bill earlier today, with only one senator, Bill Cassidy (R-LA), voting against the bill. Funding for the Centers for Disease Control's Prostate Cancer activities program was restored!!! Thanks to all of Malecare's Patient Advocacy Leaders and ALL of You who [...]

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PSA Tests Cut Metastatic Prostate Cancer Rates by Half

Screening for early prostate cancer detection may reduce the rate of newly diagnosed  metastatic disease. In a published study researchers evaluated the incidence of a men receiving a diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer at their initial prostate cancer diagnosis using data extracted from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program database. Their analysis was [...]

U.S. Congress Passes Omnibus Funding with Significant Increases for Medical Research

We have some good news, the United States Congress has passed the Omnibus spending package.  The package will fund the U.S. Government through fiscal 2016.  We should take note that this bill includes a $2 billion increase for the National Institute of Health (NIH), a 5% increase for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the [...]

Some Good Funding News for the Prostate Cancer Community

The US Congress has just published the proposed Omnibus Budget for 2016. The good news is that the proposed budget includes the restoration of the 13.2 million dollars to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  for Prostate Cancer Prevention and Education and it also includes 80 million dollars for the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer [...]

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An Outrage in Leeds England – Prostate Cancer Survivor First Misdiagnosed & Then Stuck With £1,400 Bill For Chemotherapy

A story written by Dominic Horsley and published in the Yorkshire Evening Post claims that in May a 41 year old prostate cancer survivor from Woodlesford was referred to specialists at Leeds St James’s Hospital. He claimed that he had aches in his lower body but says t consultants told him that he was told [...]

Payment for PSA Prostate Cancer Screening may end

Believe it or not, in this week approaching Thanksgiving, we in the United States are faced with a second challenge to Prostate Cancer screening using the PSA test. Malecare wants you to know.   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is asking for pubic comment on a clinical quality measure that would probably [...]

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