Patient Navigation on AutoPilot

Use the Cancer Copilot bot to ask questions about anything related to prostate cancer.  
Our chatbot is set up as a patient navigator to help you with paying for medications, paying the rent, finding doctors, and keeping your cancer treatment from draining your savings. ( please email questions or error reports to )

Apologies if you receive a time-out error or if the response takes longer than a few seconds.  We are working to improve your experience.   We hope to have everything optimized soon.  

Cancer Copilot – Malecare’s Virtual Patient Navigator Program

Digital Literacy
Malecare matches internet savvy support group members with members who do not have internet access.
“Pilots” are men who do not have internet access.
“Co-Pilots” are men who have internet access and the know-how to seek appropriate and qualified medical information.
Pilots pose questions to Co-Pilots, who research and report back by telephone and send paper printouts by snail mail.

The Premise

Your friends and family assume you feel overwhelmed or scared or alone. Cancer Copilot doesn’t make assumptions. We listen, and then we help you take action to enjoy life as best as possible. We are your copilot. You decide what’s important: quality of life, longevity, financial safety, pain-free passing…you tell Cancer Copilot what you need, and our program helps you get it.

Professional patient navigators, nurses, social workers, and case managers will all tell you the same thing…you are not alone. Well, that’s not true. Theirs is a job, and you are their client. Indeed, that’s what these professionals call you.

Cancer Copilot is about truth. Cancer Copilot is a colorblind program rich with helpful resources.  Cancer Copilot sends you the information you need without overwhelming you. Cancer Copilot will not become your friend. Indeed, you are the boss. Cancer Copilot works for you.

Cancer Copilot matches you with people who are either like you or have more disease experience than you. Who you match with is up to you. Whether you are the man with prostate cancer, or a loved one or caregiver, Cancer Copilot will set you up with shoulder to shoulder support. In this way, Cancer Copilot will make sure that you are not alone if that’s where you want help.

Cancer Copilot finds the forms you need to make your specific treatments, medications, pharmacy, doctor, and hospital visits as cost-free as possible. Cancer Copilot will either fill in forms for you or guide you through the process. If you want, Cancer Copilot’s email and SMS reminders will help you follow-up on essential appointments and paperwork. Cancer Copilot also helps by finding clinical trials that meet your criteria, so you don’t waste time and feel let down by applying to trials with no intention in accepting you. Cancer Copilot is comprehensive, timely, and free.

Soon, Cancer Copilot will also help with end of life matters, too.

Cancer Copilot is your constellation of patient navigation tools.  
Cancer Copilot helps you live a longer and happier life.

  1. Second Opinions
  2. Affordable Medications and Tests
  3. Access to Care
  4. Peer to Peer Mentors
  5. CancerGraph app, helping you and doctor understand the impact of medications on your quality of life
  6. CancerMatch, helping single cancer survivors find love and friendship.

Much gratitude to Amgen for sponsoring the Cancer Copilot project.