Dr. Steve Freedland, from Cedar Sinai conducted a controlled, randomized clinical study that evaluated the efficacy of an extremely low carbohydrate diet on the side effects of hormone therapy (ADT).   The study showed that an extreme diet has a positive impact on many of the side negative effects as well as causing significant weight loss that probably has many other additional positive health effects.

An interview with Dr. Freedland is available at:


as well as another interview with him that basically repeating the findings already mentioned at:


Briefly, summing up some of his findings he reported that:

“In the control group in our study, we saw that at 6 months they (in the control group who ate a normal diet) gained 1.3 kg, their insulin resistance went up 36%, and they added 11% new fat mass. They experienced the effects that hormones generally have….. Compared to the control group, rather than going up 36%, insulin resistance went down 4% in the diet group. So we completely prevented insulin resistance from happening.”

As my colleague Patrick on our HealthUnlocked online support group has written, “It’s an extreme diet – but ADT is an extreme therapy.”

– Thank you Patrick for alerting us to this interesting study.