I’ve been thinking about it for a few months now. Today I finally committed $53 to my latest mission?and purchased a pair of youth gloves, adult punching mitts, hand wraps, a jump rope, and a round timer. Yes my friends I am going to start training my son in the art of organized mano a mano combat. The beautiful dance of pugilism – boxing baby, yeah!???

My real motivation is selfish. After work I don’t want to have endless “battles” (a.k.a. play fighting sessions that involve fake Kung Fu, faker wrestling, and phony cough-cough defeat) with?the boy that last into the night when there is a sport that we can work on together that has round limits. Now I can come home, have a few two minute rounds – to start with then we’ll move up to three minutes -?then?move on to relaxing for the night. We can bond over the sport, burn some energy then chill for the night?in a controlled time frame. Plus I really do love boxing. I don’t watch it much (again, no cable or satellite) but I enjoy doing it.

The only problem I see here is that I’ve never trained anyone and I personally haven’t trained actively for over a decade (and I’m fat but let’s not?go there today). A lot of?the rudiments are already?coming back to me?as I plan?a simple routine that won’t tax a five year old, though I may need to get a book.?I’m not worried. I was taught everything I know from an uncle who was in a wheelchair and he remembered everything. I also learned?many elements of Jeet Kun Do?from my uncle,?including?the difference between a wheel kick and a roundhouse. I’m not sure I’m?ready for the Dev to learn how to kick.?

My goal is to keep it fun, unless he gets good of course. Then I may have to rethink my breeziness. I’ll keep you posted.