A Gay Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer

Discover the facts about—and personal stories of—gay men diagnosed with prostate cancer

A Gay Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer describes the medical facts and psychological aspects of being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer as well as the personal experiences of gay men from various walks of life, emphasizing the unique concerns gay men have when confronted with this life-altering disease.

Many of the contributors are or have been involved with Malecare, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that provides prostate cancer support for gay men and their families.

The book is divided into a professional section that covers the medical and psychological aspects affecting gay men, and an experiential section in which gay men of varying ages, ethnicities, races, and HIV status describe their own very personal feelings and experiences regarding their diagnosis, treatment, and side-effects. A helpful glossary explains the meanings of medical words and phrases.

A Gay Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer discusses:
the basics of prostate cancer, with an overview of causes, diagnosis, screening guidelines, and treatments

the history of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment and some unique concerns that gay men face when consulting a urologist and making treatment decisions

the practical questions regarding gay sex after treatment, with a matter-of-fact primer pertaining to what may happen during and what to do after treatment

the depression and anxiety that gay men will likely experience, with a look at the stigmatization and alienation that may occur in the heterosexually biased world

the dynamics and concerns of diagnosed gay men within the context of a self-help group, with topics that include gay identities, sexual behaviors and attitudes, feelings of helplessness, and HIV/AIDS considerations

how the surgical removal of one patient’s prostate gland affected him emotionally—and physically

how a patient’s diagnosis challenged his sexuality and moved him to work at alerting other men of color to their increased risk of developing prostate cancer

a patient’s sexual dysfunction following radical surgery—and why he formed a gay men’s prostate cancer support group

how prostate cancer devastated one patient’s sense of self and body image; and his experience of being unacceptable in a gay community that he views as consumed with youth and beauty

older gay men’s thoughts when confronting prostate cancer—and how sex has evolved for them

the impact of cancer on couples’ relationships and the importance of being proactive about treatment

a 33-year-old man’s struggle with prostate cancer—how it changed him and how it affected his relationship of 12 years