Tests suggested to include in blood panel test.

Some of these tests are to create useful information, today, and others to determine a baseline for your future.

1.  PSA

2.  Free PSA

3.   Magnesium

4.   Zinc

5.   D 25 (D vit in blood)

6.   Calcium

7.   Testosterone – Total

8.   RIA Free Testosterone

9.   Iron – (for hemocromotosis (Iron Loss)

10. C-Reactive protein (CRP)  (this lets you know if there is any inflammation

and if so, what level)

11. Testosterone Level

12. DHT (Dehydro Testosterone)

13. Free Testosterone

14. Glucose (10 – 12 hour fasting test)

15. Alkaline Phospotase-for base line (should be between 40- 115)

16. Estrogen Serum

17. Homocysteine

18. Lipoprotein (elevated levels put one at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Much more accurate prediction than cholesterol.

19. Liver (not sure if this might not be one of the above)

20. Cholesterol   HDL & LDL levels