What do advanced prostate cancer survivors do once we fail chemotherapy? At this time there are no FDA approved next steps other than to take some time off and pray that restarting chemotherapy will again help us. To put in another way, we wait to die.

There is a huge need to find additional strategies and treatments. We need new and better treatments; just sitting around waiting to die is not an acceptable solution! Finding these alternative solutions will take our actively participating in clinical trials. Without our participation in these trials there will not be any progress.

Dr. William L. Dahut, who is the Principal Investigator of a trial at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is currently recruiting survivors with prostate cancer who have failed taxane therapy (chemotherapy). The trial is known as Prostate Cancer – NCI-08-C-0074 is a phase II trial.

To see additional details, including a summary of eligibility criteria, treatment plan, and information on how to contact Dr. Dahut and his staff directly click here. You may also call the Clinical Trials Referral Office of the NCI at 1-888-NCI-1937 (1-888-624-1937) to inquire about referring a patient to this trial.

Briefly here is a summary of the trial procedure.
• Patients receive oral satraplatin once daily on Days 1–5 and oral prednisone twice daily on Days 1–35
• Courses repeat every 35 days in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable toxicity
• Blood samples are collected for genotyping of ERCC1 and other gene polymorphisms via polymerase chain reaction

What do you have to lose?