Darryl Mitteldorf
Hello and welcome to Malecare’s Advanced Prostate Cancer Program Teleconference.  Founded in 1998, Malecare is America’s largest and leading men’s cancer survivor and advocacy national nonprofit.  Malecare’s goal is to improve communication between you and your doctor by giving you the same language and understanding of your disease.


Tonight I see that we have actually over—604 people are currently listening and we’re honored that you’re allowing us to participate in your care.  Tonight you will be hearing Joel Nowak, Malecare’s Director of Advanced Disease and Advocacy and Dr. Neal Shore discuss the groundbreaking prostate cancer treatment Provenge.  Tonight’s talk will last approximately 60 minutes and will be peppered with questions that you, the listener, emailed in earlier this evening and last week.


Tonight’s talk will also be recorded and available for listening at our website Malecare.org in our Advanced Prostate Cancer web section.  Also, everyone here is invited to sign up for more information about our programs and our email newsletter, also at Malecare.org.  Now, please give your attention to Joel Nowak and Neal Shore, as they talk about Provenge.


Joel                              Good afternoon or good evening, everyone, this is Joel Nowak.  Before I get started with the teleconference I want to welcome everyone and especially Dr. Shore, who has agreed to donate his time with us this evening.


Dr. Shore is the Medical Director of the Carolina Urological Research Center, as well being on staff at the Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.  Dr. Shore has conducted more than 100 clinical trials focusing mainly on prostate and bladder disease, including the trials of Provenge.  Dr. Shore is a board certified urologist who has numerous publications in peer review journals and has lectured extensively on the treatment of prostate cancer.


I want to say that we are very lucky and gifted, very fortunate to have him.  And I do also want to say that after listening to this conference, if you have any interest in making an appointment to see Dr. Shore, who is located in North Carolina in the Myrtle Beach area, you may call his office at 1-877-809-8714