One of the more difficult problems faced by some men treated with surgery as their primary treatment modality is post-prostatectomy incontinence (PPI). PPI can affect the quality of life for both men successfully treated as well as those who go on and eventually develop advanced prostate cancer.

One of the more common, but last efforts to help a man to regain a level of continence is by having a “male sling” installed. One of the more common slings is known as the AdVance Sling.

In an attempt to evaluate the patient perceived efficacy of the AdVance Sling researchers performed a three (3) year follow-up of men using the sling with post-prostatectomy incontinence (PPI).

The researchers prospectively collected data from men with PPI treated with the AdVance male sling between February 2008 and March 2010. They looked at the twenty-four-hour pad counts and weights as well as patient completed validated questionnaires that were filled out prior to the installation of the sling and at 3 years post installation.

The researchers used as their primary outcome an improvement in pad count with secondary outcomes of questionnaire scores and patient perception of success.

At a follow-up of 39 months the researchers were able to identify 30 men meeting the inclusion criteria who had the AdVance male sling placed for mild to severe PPI.

1- Eighteen (60%) of the men a major success with no pad usage or one pad for security.
2- Four (4) men (13%) showed improvement with a greater than or equal to 50% reduction in their pad usage.
3- Eight (27%) men failed having not received any resolution or improvement in their PPI.

The AdVanc Male Sling does provide an effective treatment option for men with PPI post surgery and should be considered as a possible solution to this problem.

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Joel T Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.