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The African American experience of Prostate Cancer is an untold story.

African American men suffer from Prostate Cancer more than anyone, anywhere. If we want better treatments, then we've got to tell folks what it means to be an African American man diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Prostate Cancer kills twice as many African American men as white men in the United States. If one or more of your parents or grandparents is of African descent, then Twice As Many is talking about you. Men of West African descent around the world are encouraged to participate.

  • African American men are one and a half times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • African American men experience longer delays between diagnosis and treatment.
  • African American men with prostate cancer report lower levels of physical and emotional functioning than white men.
  • African American men under the age of 60 are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer.
  • We Don’t Know Why… Learn more

Work Related Toxins May Cause Prostate Cancer

Military, farm and factory workers have high rates of Prostate Cancer. tap here
Find out what you were exposed to. Agent Orange? Metals? Chemicals? Paints? Pesticides? Even if your exposure was decades ago, tell your doctor. Many African American laborers were exposed during a time before worker safety laws were enforced.

It's an easy exam

You might be thinking that the prostate cancer exam hurts...or damages your manhood. tap here
Prostate Cancer is screened by a blood test and a digital rectal exam. Your doctor will put a finger in your anus for 5-10 seconds and check your prostate’s shape, size and consistency. It will feel weird but it won’t hurt and it won’t change your sexuality. Ask your doctor about prostate cancer tests.

40 Or Older, Ask Your Doctor About Prostate Cancer

African American men are diagnosed at younger ages with worse disease. tap here
There’s a lot of news about prostate cancer being over diagnosed in American men, but that may not hold true inside our community. Ask your doctor if you should be screened for prostate cancer because one or more of your parents or grandparents are of African descent.