Hi All, 

Over the past year I’ve done a lot of research on issues relating to sexual function after RP. I started out with this because my dear husband was rendered impotent by his surgery.  The doctor had given him the usual treatment: a prescription for Viagra, which we kept on renewing.

We watched and waited, and there was some progress, but not enough.  W knew it took time and were confident that the “miracle” would  happen tomorrow.  After 7 months had elapsed and dear husband was still unable to function, we called the surgeon, who referred us to an ED doctor who was a colleague of his.  Anyway, the doc didn’t work out.  After three months he hadn’t even finished the “testing.”

I was fed up with all of this, so I decided to look for a competent impotence specialist on my own.  I remember spending 3 hours in the library reading Castle Connolly’s Metro NY Top Doctors book. But it worked:  I got some good prospects. DH went to see two doctors, and the second one turned out to be just right.  His name is Arnold Melman, and he is a world-renowned expert on ED.  He has written many books, including one on Viagra. And he was pleasant and unpretentious.

We found out from Dr. Melman that a lot of men who have RP are not given optimal treatment afterwords to help them function sexually or prevent long-term ED.  He also said that the benefits of nerve-sparing RP were exaggerated.  I felt that I was privileged to have access to a doctor of this caliber, and so I wanted to share what I had learned with the public. The first thing Dr. Melman told Ted was: 

“You don’t need the Viagra

[in his case, because it wasn’t working].  You’re just giving a gift to the drug company.”  

Anyway, this doc gave us some good “insider” advice, which I decided to share.