Reading a biopsy is an art, and some pathology reports are written by recent graduates who – no doubt – mean well but simply have yet to develop the set of eyes that highly regarded pathologists have.
Your biopsy report (eg Gleason Score) forms a big basis for your treatment choice making, so, you want to feel sure that you are working with good information from the get-go.
If you do not live in the USA, you can get your primary consultant or doctor to help you locate a well regarded pathology department and have your biopsy slides sent there.  If you do live in the USA, we have listed six highly regarded pathology labs, below, including our favorite at Johns Hopkins.
First: Get your biopsy slides from your urologist or the venue that has them in their possession.  There is usually a small fee for this.  You can have the venue send them or you can take them and Fed Ex or UPS them to the address below.  If you’re personally sending them,  make sure that they’re encased in bubble wrap and that you send a return address (or return addressed envelope).
1.  Johns Hopkins Hospital/ Baltimore, Maryland
Call Dr. Epstein’s Assistant:
 Jacqueline Bacon (410) 614-6330
who will give you all the info you need re sending slides to Dr. Epstein.
Send slides to:
Dr. Jonathan Epstein
Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories
1620 McElderry St.
Reed Hall  Rm 315
Baltimore, MD 21205
Include a cover letter stating that you would like a review of your recent biopsy by Dr. Epstein, and that you are a member of the Malecare Prostate Cancer support group.  Be sure to state that you would like the pathology report to be sent to you, and, if you wish, to your current urologist.  Also state where you would like your slides to be sent, after Dr. Epstein has completed his report.  Be sure to include all of your contact info, including your phone number and email.
Here is a link to Johns Hopkins that gives more information about sending your slides to their pathology lab
Fax (410) 614-7712
Phone (410) 955-2405
8 am – 5 pm
Normal LAB hours are:
5:30 am – 4:30 pm Mon-Fri
If you wish to speak with Dr. Epstein personally, leave a message with
his secretary Linda Harper (410) 614-6330 who will convey your request to Dr. Epstein. He’s very good about returning calls.
It’s sometimes difficult to absorb all of the information.
It’s helpful If possible, to tape record the call (using your speaker phone) so that you can listen to the information again.
Other labs for second opinions:
2. Bostwick Laboratories [800] 214-6628
3. Dianon Laboratories [800] 328-2666 (select 5 for client services)
4. David Grignon (Michigan) [313] 745-2520
5. Oppenheimer Urologic Reference Laboratory
Nashville Lab: 1450 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville TN 37210 Phone: 888-8OURLAB
San Francisco Lab: 863 Mitten Road, Suite C, Burlingame CA 94010
6. UroCor, Inc. [800] 411-1839