Evidence That Vitamin D3 Levels Effect Survival in Men with Stage IV Advanced Prostate Cancer

Conversations among survivors and evidence in the literature suggests that there is a positive association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] (vitamin D3) and survival in certain types of cancer, including advanced prostate cancer. Researchers from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America investigated the relationship between survival advantage and vitamin D3 levels in [...]

Perhaps Vitamin D & Calcium is Not Good for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer!

Science and good medicine is not always what it seems. We all believe that if something is logical it must be true, but often the most logical assumptions we make do not stand up to good scientific inquiry. Many of us choke on the fact that Provenge extends life while it has no effect on [...]

Should Men on ADT Take Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation?

As usual with prostate cancer there is no general agreement about whether or not men who are on a hormone blockade (ADT) to treat prostate cancer should be taking calcium and vitamin D supplements, however there does seem to be some consensus that they should. Given that there are geographic and seasonal variations in vitamin [...]

Stay Away From Dairy Products

A very large study of over 20,885 men was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; Dec 22 2008 that showed that eating dairy products often may be a risk factor for prostate cancer and advanced prostate cancer. Lead researcher, Edward L Giovannucci, at the Harvard Medical School showed that men who consumed more than [...]