Social Security Disability Insurance and Prostate Cancer

Men who have been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and as a result are unable to work may be able to qualify for social security disability benefits.  Under the current regulations any man who is metastatic, has late stage, and/or terminal prostate cancer should automatically meet the SSA’s eligibility requirements for disability benefits. If you [...]

Hot Off The Press – Having Hormone Refractory or Metastatic Prostate Cancer Automatically Qualifies You for Social Security Disability Benefits

At 2PM this afternoon in a long awaited decision the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that having hormone refractory or metastatic prostate cancer automatically qualifies a man to receive Social Security Disability coverage. If you do qualify there still are some restrictions on your ability to receive benefits. You can't qualify for disability [...]

The Social Security Administration Expedites Some Claims for Disability Benefits, But Not Advanced Prostate Cancer

Social Security Announces Nationwide Launch of Compassionate Allowances Process Will Fast Track Applications For People with Cancers and Rare Diseases Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, today announced the national rollout of the agency’s Compassionate Allowances initiative, a way to expedite the processing of disability claims for applicants whose medical conditions are so severe [...]