Towards An Understanding of the Role of Genetics in Determining Future Treatment Options in Advanced Prostate Cancer – SLCO2B1 and SLCO1B3

We have heard for a period of time that the future of cancer treatment is in genetics. Despite the hubbub, we see very little hard evidence of this in today’s current treatment decisions. Treatment still remains tied into protocols with a strong bias to following a common map. Each map does have little variances, but [...]

Tasquinimod (TASQ)- A New Phase 3 Trial Shows Promise To Slow Disease Progression

Results from a recent international randomized phase II trial for the drug tasquinimod (TASQ), shows that TASQ is a potential therapy for men with advanced prostate cancer. The men who received TASQ on average went twice as long without disease progression as those who received only a placebo. […]

The House is About to Cut Funding for Cancer Research & Prevention!

The House Appropriations Committee released revised subcommittee allocations yesterday for FY 2011. The new FY 2011 Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee allocation is $157.02 billion, which is nearly $6.6 billion (4 percent) below the subcommittee’s FY10 allocation. The House is scheduled to vote on a FY11 appropriations bill during the week of February 14. Specific funding levels and [...]

Malecare Offers Free Access to CenterWatch’s Data Base of Clinical Trials for Prostate & Testicular Cancer

Malecare is proud to announce that we are now partnering with the Clinical Trials Resource Center. This partnership allows us to offer you, through our web site (, CenterWatch’s data base of clinical trials that are being conducted both in the United States and internationally. CenterWatch is the leading publisher of information on clinical research [...]

Senator Harkin and the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Hold Hearings on the Budget Allocations to the NCI for Cancer Research

On Thursday the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education held its FY 2010 NIH budget hearing. There were two particular items of note for the cancer community. When discussing the NIH funding which was received through the economic stimulus package, Senator Harkin questioned if the current two years the NIH [...]

Contact Your Senators Today – Help Raise Prostate Cancer Research Funding

A letter from Sens. Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) is circulating in the Senate now and will be sent to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee on Friday, April 24. Contact your Senators today and ask them to sign the Johnson-Crapo Appropriations letter to increase research funding for prostate cancer at the Department of Defense. [...]

Discovery & Challenge: The State of Prostate Cancer Research A Roundtable Discussion with Leading U.S. Experts

Our own Alvin Chin, Prostate Cancer Survivor & Advocate, Virginia Prostate Coalition, joins oncologists Howard Scher MD, Donald S. Coffey, PhD, Peter S. Nelson, MD and representatives from research and the Pharma industry for a round table discussion April 23. You can make your voice heard by joining the conference by phone and emailing questions [...]

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