New Approved Drugs Keep Us in the Proverbial Pickle

Over the last year or so we have seen a marked change in the treatment landscape for men with castrate resistant advanced prostate cancer. The FDA has approved sipuleucel-T (Provenge), cabazitaxel (Jevtana) and last week it also approved abiraterone (Zytiga). This changed landscape of multiple treatment options creates new problems, of course good problems. Prostate [...]

New Phase 2 Trials For MDV3100 Begins & Another To Start Soon – On The Horizon

It was announced today that the first patient in the TERRAIN study received their first dose in the Phase 2 trial of the investigational drug MDV3100 . MDV3100 is a triple-acting oral androgen receptor antagonist that I have writing about as a drug “On The Horizon”. Triple-acting means that it blocks testosterone binding to the [...]

A New Clinical Trial of MDV3100 in Earlier Advanced Prostate Cancer

— A New Trial Marks Expanded Phase 3 Development of MDV3100 into Earlier-Stage Disease — Medivation, Inc. and Astellas Pharma Inc. today announced the launch of a second Phase 3 clinical trial of their investigational drug MDV3100.  This trial marks the expansion of the Phase 3 development of their novel, triple-acting oral androgen receptor antagonist [...]

On The Horizon – A Status Report of Six New Promising Advancing Treatments for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer as of the Beginning of June, 2010

As of today there are many different potential drugs undergoing phase III evaluations for men with advanced prostate cancer, some of them seem to offer great hope and promise. Considering we just had Provenge finally approved, this is great news. […]

Reported Antitumor Activity of MDV3100 in a Phase 1-2 Study of Advanced Prostate Cancer – A Great Success

At the on-going AUA Meeting, Dr. Howard Scher along with a collaborating group of medical oncologists reported their data from a Phase I-II trial of MDV3100 in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). […]

An Article In The Lancet Reported Positive Data From Phase 1-2 Trial Of MDV3100 for men with Advanced Prostate Cancer (4/15/10)

It was announced today that the phase I/II trial of MDV3100 demonstrated positive results. MDV3100 is a novel triple-acting oral androgen receptor antagonist, the common antagonist most of us are familiar with today is Casodex. These results were published in the online April 15 version of The Lancet. […]

On the Horizon – Positive Efficacy Data From Phase I – II Trial of MDV3100 in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients

Medivation, Inc. (MDVN) announced that its on-going clinical trial (phase I & II) of MDV3100 in castrate resistant prostate cancer has demonstrated both efficacy and safety in its current trials. The drug under study, MDV3100, is novel androgen receptor antagonist. This trial tracked 114 prostate cancer survivors who are hormone resistant (CRPC) for 12 weeks [...]

Positive Results from a Phase I-II Trial of MDV3100, Perhaps a New Alternative Hormone Blockade Option

There has been some positive news coming out of the ASCO conference in Florida this past week. One of the most significant pieces of positive news deals with the results of a phase I-II trial of the drug known as MDV3100. Basically, more than half of subjects in the study with castration-resistant prostate cancer responded [...]

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