Advanced Prostate Cancer Teleconference Is Available On-Line

The recent teleconference I had with Dr. James Mckiernan about advanced prostate cancer is now available to listen to on-line. Many people have been asking how to hear the conference, now you can. Go to the navigation bar above On the blog) and click on the teleconference tab. To listen to the call click on [...]

Reported Antitumor Activity of MDV3100 in a Phase 1-2 Study of Advanced Prostate Cancer – A Great Success

At the on-going AUA Meeting, Dr. Howard Scher along with a collaborating group of medical oncologists reported their data from a Phase I-II trial of MDV3100 in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). […]

Dynamics of Bone Mineral Density During Intermittent Androgen Deprivation for Men with Biochemical Recurrence of Prostate Cancer

It has been clearly shown that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for the treatment of prostate cancer leads to loss of bone mineral density (BMD) and increased fracture risk. More importantly, loss of BMD shortens survival time. (see my post of December 27, 2009 “On the Horizon – Dasatinib A Drug to Inhibit the growth of [...]

From The AACR Meeting – Identifying New Drugs That Block Prostate Tumor Growth

Researchers from The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) have identified candidate drugs that block a key protein responsible for tumor growth. Their research was presented at the recent Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) which I had the good fortune to attend. As we know the common treatment for localized [...]

Watch This Informative Video About Advanced Prostate Cancer & Bone Health

Thanks to Kathy Meade, I just viewed an exceptional video about advanced prostate cancer. It also includes information on bone health, screening, research, the need for funding and the history of prostate cancer treatment. All advocates and men with prostate cancer should learn something by watching the video. The following is the link: 1b12EW7i [...]

Vaccine Therapy for Patients with Progressive Stage D0 Prostate Cancer

In yesterday’s post, Provenge, Its Future & A Clinical Trail Alternative for Men with Hormone Dependent Prostate Cancer, I said that I attempted to get into a vaccine trial, but was rejected because I have a history of an autoimmune disease and I have had evidence of some lymph node involvement (stage D1). I want [...]