Can Tamoxifen Manage Breast Events Induced by Non-Steroidal Antiandrogens in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Many of us who are fighting advanced prostate cancer struggle with the perplexing side effects of non-steroidal antiandrogens (like Casodex). These side effects include gynecomastia (breast enlargement) and breast pain. In most cases as we use these drugs our breasts grow, become very sensitive and/or painful. In my case my breasts have grown to the [...]

Gynecomastica – What Is It & How Can I Cope With It?

Gynecomastica is a taboo subject with many men. Men have a hard enough time talking about prostate cancer, but discussing their breast growth is just too much for many. However, many of us who are treated for prostate cancer experience breast growth, gynecomastica. Despite how difficult it is to discuss it, gynecomastica is one of [...]

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